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About Us

Keen on Yoga is an online Ashtanga led yoga studio created during lockdown by Adam and Theresa Keen, a married couple of dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioners.

We met in 2006 at Purple Valley in Goa when Theresa was Director and, being impressed with Adam’s experience as a vegetarian chef for retreat and Buddhist centres she hired him as Kitchen Manager. As they say, the rest is history and from the start Adam’s teaching has always been a joint collaboration with Theresa.

Our aim is to support your yoga practice and lifestyle by offering online Ashtanga yoga and related classes, workshops, private lessons and resources. These are delivered by Adam and from our network of internationally renowned colleagues and friends through our many years in Mysore and our time running Purple Valley.

In September 2020, we moved from London, our base for many years, to the South of France. So, when the situation presents itself, we also look forward to welcoming you in person here on the edge of the Mediterranean.

Adam Keen

Adam has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2004. He is one of few practitioners to have completed the Advanced A (third) series in Mysore, India, under the guidance of Sharathji Jois. In 2012 Adam received level 2 authorisation to teach the intermediate series.  

He has taught and lived primarily in London, with short stints in Vancouver, Spain, Crete and India, as well as teaching workshops internationally. Adam’s primary influence on the way he teaches is Mark Darby. Affectionately known to everyone simply as Darby, he taught Adam a way to practise safely and effectively (while keeping with the Mysore Style) that he has been sharing with his students ever since.

Adam is committed to facilitating the individuals experience of yoga, his teaching is approached with a lightness of touch and an open mind. Having practiced daily for over 25 years you come to realise two things; how little you know, and, how there is no one way to do things. It is from this perspective that Adam shares his suggestions with clarity and humility.

Outside the sphere of yoga, Adam is a continuous student of philosophy as well as having worked previously as a vegetarian chef. A prodigious thinker and writer; when not in the kitchen, you can read his thoughts on social media @adam_keen_ashtanga as well as on the Keen on Yoga Blog.

Theresa Keen

You know the expression ‘behind every good man…’ well, Theresa has been the solid foundation behind the development of Adam’s teaching. She has supported me getting up at crazy times, and dedicating hours every day to self-exploration; as well as being the driving force behind my first visiting Mysore, where we earned our respective accreditations.

She is my consistent inspiration in her integrity and commitment to the practice of yoga. Never wishing to teach herself, she has kept up her daily practice for the past 15 years, choosing instead to bring yoga into the lives of many by facilitating yoga.  She was Director of Purple Valley in Goa from 2005-08 and was instrumental in its development and iteration as an Ashtanga centre.  It was there she hosted and developed relationships with Sharathji and many of the first teachers to reach Mysore.

More recently, in recovery from breast cancer, she created a brand of all natural body care products inspired by reflections and healing at that time. Named Saucha meaning ‘purity’, the quality of her products have been much appreciated. Due to our relocation her production has been put on hold temporarily, but, as soon possible she will recommence, more recently inspired by the new environs of her current home in the South of France.