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Adam Keen Ashtanga workshop Paris


June 10-12th at Jivamuki Yoga Paris

Adam is teaching an Ashtanga workshop in Paris and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Details are below and with links to book on the Jivamukti Yoga Paris website. The workshop will be taught in English, if you have any questions at all contact us or Jivamukti Yoga Paris.

Friday 10 June, 6.30 – 8.30pm: The Shape is Just The Start of The Posture

Adam will give an overview of the foundations of his teaching and practice philosophy. What
Adam refers to as the “inner stretch” is an easy way to unlock the true power of the breath in
yoga. This is what lies at the centre of our being, our true core-strength is, in fact the

Stretching and even bandhas are related to a deepening understanding of how we are not
just breathing and moving. The movement is created by the breath; correct breathing pulls
the stretch through us.

Come prepared to do some postures, but, mostly to keep an open-mind and watch how the
practice can be approached from a different efficient and sustainable, angle. You will leave
with a clear understanding of how to get into the asanas and make the shapes.
This is a workshop style class suitable for all levels and is fundamental to the rest of the
weekends teachings so not to be missed. Price: €40  

Saturday 11th June, 8.30am – 10.30am: Mysore Class

There are ways to adjust and be adjusted that are safe, effective and non-intrusive. Using
energetic pointers and resistance-cues Adam adjusts carefully and respectfully of each
individual and their current ability.

Everyone will be included in this class – not just the ones that can do it, or those that need
extra help. Adam is also open to each person practicing in the style and up to the point they
are used to; believing the teaching is not about stopping, rather safe, clear and practical
encouragement. Price: €35

Saturday 11th June, 11.00am – 1.00pm: Philosophy & Practice Chat

A discussion on the philosophy of The Bhagavad Gita and what it has to do with yoga asana.
We might find its’ principals re-affirmed in our physical yoga practice, and how the work of
the yoga practice is there to be continued in a particular method when we step off the mat in
daily life.

The Bhagavad Gita is a science of the emotions in action, just as The Yoga Sutras is often
referred to as a science of the mind. An immensely practical book if you read behind the obvious injunction to simply follow your dharma, to inquire as to what, exactly, this might
actually look like for us in the current age we live within; The BG is far from a dusty old
medieval battle in a far-away land.

This will be an opportunity to ask Adam questions related to practice, philosophy, yoga
lifestyle and more. Price: €25

Saturday 11th June, 3.00pm – 5.00pm: Lighter Lifts

Are you are completely lost as to how to begin lifting your bodyweight, halfway there or able
to do it but feel like it could be done more efficiently? You will benefit from this workshop
that lays out a unique and clear framework for developing, finessing and sustaining the
famous jump-through & jump back.

The emphasis is on understanding diaphragmatic control as the basis of this most elusive
movement. The work is not exactly where we think it lies. It is not so hard physically, rather
a question of developing our awareness of our bodies and the seat of our power in breathing
with the diaphragm.

So, come and unlock your latent potential at whatever stage you currently are. This
workshop is for everyone, no one has too short arms, not enough core strength, to make
progress to building up to success here.
Instruction will be given clearly in stages with an emphasis on practical explanation, the
power of visualisations (use of the mind), and each person will be given individual attention. Price: €40

Sunday 12th June, 11.00am – 1.00pm: Backbend with Ease

The workshop builds to the most comfortable, even enjoyable backbend you have ever done.
Because, backbends don’t have to be frightening, painful, even challenging. It’s all a question
of how we can approach them. There is no reason to dread them when you understand how
to do them in the right way and right for your body.

There are certain keys to effective backbends that are often left unexplored. These might be
summarised as:

  • The medial stretch and the importance of pulling across
  • The use of the legs, backbends are really front stretches, so everything actually
  • depends on stretching the legs

The utilisation of the breathing so we can float on the current of the breath.
As always, beginners to advanced students will appreciate this workshop. There is no such
thing as a bad back-bender. Rather, there is only someone who hasn’t explored and
developed the possibilities available in their own (everybody’s) body. Price: €40

Sunday 12th June, 3.00pm – 5.00pm: Intro to Intermediate

In the early years in Mysore there was no distinction between Primary series and
Intermediate series, backbends were at the end of Primary. The original students were

taught all the way through with many of the difficult postures not included. This is news to
many current students.
The only way you can learn and develop these very different movements is to have the
opportunity to try them and practice them. Intermediate series is not only an anatomical
equaliser for the primary series, it is also an energetic one.
It seems that they were meant to go together, primary working on strength in the front of the
body and the sympathetic nervous system, intermediate the back of the body and the

In this workshop we shall go through some of the most challenging postures of the
intermediate breaking them down so everyone can have a go and get the feeling and
inspiration for the effective work that needs to be done to build their version of the asana.

Due to the way we are approaching it, all that is necessary is an interest and enthusiasm for
any individual to attend. As always, options will be made available as well as actually finding
that when broken down, many of the postures are not actually as hard or unavailable to us as
we had imagined. €40


Full weekend price: €170 | Individual sessions as noted above


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