Beginners to Ashtanga Yoga

Beginners to Ashtanga yoga benefit from Mysore classes as an ideal way to learn yoga. You are taught the postures individually and correctly according to your own body and ability.

Mysore Style, is the traditional way yoga was taught in the city of in Mysore, South India, which is the birth place of all modern yoga styles.  You will be taught individually within a group setting as each student practices in their own time according to their own ability and makes progress organically.  

The first thing you will notice is the quiet and the sound of the breath as the practice is focused on linking the breath with each posture making this a moving meditation and an ideal way to start your day.

The primary series always starts with sun salutations to warm up, followed by standing postures, then seated postures and finally the closing sequence.  You will always do the sun salutations and closing sequence and you will work your way through the other postures over time in a supervised and safe way to avoid or correct past injuries.

There is no need to learn the sequence before you come, although, the more you know the quicker progress you will make, it is totally fine to start with no knowledge of ashtanga yoga, or even yoga at all.

All you need is a little determination to do it on your own once shown the postures once you get the feeling in your body, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of the early morning routine and will look forward to turning this style of practice into a daily lifestyle.

You will relax into and enjoy the collective energy of a being in a focused group of students of all ages and levels and as new beginners join the group you will notice how far you have come.  Even if you at first feel a little tired and sore from the early practices, we promise that it does get a lot easier when stamina is built up. 

For the first few sessions, try to leave an hour for practice at the start,  you can then shorten or lengthen it as time goes on according to your needs.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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