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behind the asana

ADAM KEEN – Behind The Asana

Saturday 6th November | 10.00 am EST | 2.00 pm UK | 3.00pm Paris

Ever wondered what lies behind the asana? If, there is, indeed, anything more involved apart from making the prescribed shape? In this workshop, Adam will suggest a path from the outer shape to the inner one. Or, rather, that the outer shape ought to manifest itself from our deeper involvement in the inner one.

Making the shape is only the beginning of the asana. It is only once the template has been utilised, the bow has been strung, that the actual work begins. This work comprises of abiding in and channelling the inner-energy that animates our more easily recognisable outer form.

All this may sound esoteric or hard to grasp. However, this workshop will give you some key pointers in order to start turning the frequency on in your shapes. The symbols to recognise are clear because they are physically located in the body.

Once they are all bought into connection together a full-circuit has been created. Suddenly the asana becomes alive. The energy is switched on and the posture is charged with a potency that will stop your search for linear progress and tune you into looking at this vertical progress instead.

This workshop is relevent for all levels, all the asanas will be fairly simple. When not preoccupied with the demands of the outer shapes, we can discover the basic structure and foundation of making the inner ones more easily. All you need is an interest in looking beyond yoga as demonstration to yoga as something much deeper to do with energy.

About Adam

Adam has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2004. He is one of few practitioners to have completed the Advanced A (third) series in Mysore under the guidance of Sharathji Jois. In 2012 Adam received level 2 authorisation to teach the intermediate series.  

He has taught and lived primarily in London, with short stints in Vancouver, Spain, Crete and India. In addition he teaches workshops internationally. Adam’s primary influence on the way he teaches is Mark Darby. Affectionately known to everyone simply as Darby.  Adam learned a way to practise safely and effectively (while keeping with the Mysore Style) that he has been sharing with his students ever since.

Adam is committed to facilitating the individuals experience of yoga, his teaching is approached with a lightness of touch and an open mind. Having practiced daily for over 25 years you come to realise two things; how little you know, and, how there is no one way to do things. It is from this perspective that Adam shares his suggestions with clarity and humility.

Outside the sphere of yoga, Adam is a continuous student of philosophy and a vegetarian chef.

2 hours | 14 day replay | (if you can’t attend live register below to automatically receive the link to the recording)

Cost €30 approx £25 | $36


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