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The Keen on Yoga blog provides information to support your Ashtanga yoga as a lifestyle. Content is provided by Adam and our network of colleagues, peers and friends. Covering all branches of practice including asana, yoga philosophy and healthy eating, as well as the challenges and struggles you may encounter along the way. 

Our aim is that in seeing this journey of practice from many angles and perspectives and combined years of experience we can lend a hand in not only guiding, but inspiring, enriching and supporting your process.

If there is any subject you would like to ask Adam to write about, or have a contributor to suggest contact us at

Devotion in Yoga

Devotion in yoga is often mistaken as part of the process of yoga or how we reach it. Whilst there is some grain of truth

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Ashtanga Yoga Myths

In a group talk with students the other day someone referred to a teacher as being strict.  This got me wondering what that actually meant, and

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Yoga For Uncertainty

Yoga is learning how to ‘un-know’ Patanjali starts The Yoga Sutras ‘now starts yoga’. This, seemingly obvious statement is, perhaps, the most profound he makes. 

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