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The Keen on Yoga blog provides information to support your Ashtanga yoga as a lifestyle. Content is provided by Adam and our network of colleagues, peers and friends. Covering all branches of practice including asana, yoga philosophy and healthy eating, as well as the challenges and struggles you may encounter along the way. 

Our aim is that in seeing this journey of practice from many angles and perspectives and combined years of experience we can lend a hand in not only guiding, but inspiring, enriching and supporting your process.

If there is any subject you would like to ask Adam to write about, or have a contributor to suggest contact us at

A Question of Yoga Diet

  We started with a food-blog over 10 years ago. We called it ‘Yogi’s kitchen’. The recipes and pictures chronicled our new-found Veganism and exposure

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If It’s Not About Stretching, What is Yoga?

There’s a myth going on now that stretching and being flexible is an unquestionable goal. Somewhere along the line, the ability to touch your toes, or even put your leg behind your head, all got confused with our general health, fitness, even goodness.

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Yoga Like Martial Arts

Yoga should’ve been considered more like a martial art. It’s a huge disservice that it hasn’t been approached this way; perhaps, minus, avoiding the ostensible encouragement towards aggression that I felt in those early classes as a practitioner from age seven to sixteen.

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Don’t Let Yoga Ruin Your Life

When you first get into yoga it’s like the first flushes of a new relationship. Everything is perfect with it, it’s what you’ve always been missing, it completes your life. In fact, it’s what you catch yourself daydreaming about, planning your schedule around…

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Don’t Sweat The Big Stuff

It’s been clear to me for quite a while that if I want to sell a workshop, the topics on the flyer are jump-thru/back or backbends. One Saturday afternoon after class, one Sunday, and that is always the advert even though I submit many other subject titles for my hosts to consider.

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Just Ashtanga Primary

“Just primary today”, or, “I’ll only do primary”.  I hear this all the time from students. Like, any seasoned teacher, you learn to hold your

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