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charity dosa class


Saturday 26th March | 11.00 am EST | 3.00 pm UK | 4.00 pm Paris

90 minutes | recording available lifetime access (if you can’t attend live register to automatically receive the recording link)

We are delighted to be hosting this South Indian cooking class with Sahana to support the Kshiti Foundation with whom she works. After 2 years of school closure due to COVID rural schools have been impacted quite badly as they had no access to online education. Especially in the area that Sahana and her team work as it is next to Bandipur national park. 

Most of the rural schools have a single teacher handling multi-grade classes due to low staffing in general. COVID took away two academic years. Children from 3rd grade have moved to 5th grade forgetting the 3rd grade syllabus and finding it hard to catch up with 5th grader syllabus.  The schools and children don’t need materials, however they need teachers and mentors who can teach.

The Kshiti Foundation have created a program called DISHA BANDIPUR through which they are providing teachers for these schools. 100% of the proceeds from this class will be donated to this initiative. It will cost ₹3000 for 1 child to afford this education and as of now we have covered 500 children.

Their goal for next academic year is to enable 5000 children to receive education.  A lot of schools in the area are tribal schools, the parents work in the forest by carrying wood and water for daily wages. 

kshiti foundation 2
The Menu – Ayurvedic and Vegan

Sahana will be sharing her native South Indian cuisine keeping Ayurveda principles in mind. She will show us how to prepare green mung bean dosas & vegetable saagu, a popular curry made with vegetables cooked in spices and coconut cream) 

The menu is easily digestible and highly ayurvedic. Ingredients for the class will be sent two weeks prior and written recipes will be sent after the class. If anyone find it challenging to find any of the ingredients, Sahana will be there to help find alternatives.  Everything that we will be cooking is vegan and gluten-free and easy to make with the most common vegetables and spices available in the respective countries. 

About Sahana Murthy of Rasayana Mysore Kitchen

Sahana is an outdoor educator, yoga student and the is the creator of  Rasayana Mysore Kitchen.  She learnt most of her culinary skills from her mother, these are traditional recipes have been passed on over many generations. Sahana conducts cooking classes at her hometown in Mysore.  Being a Yoga practitioner herself,  she understands the value of wholesome food and how it enhances practice and keeps one healthy.

Rasyana is a Sanskrit word that literally means path of essence. It is a broad-spectrum science of lengthening the life span and covers many meanings. Her cooking is based about the Aahara Rasa which is the essence of nutrition.  At Rasayana Mysore Kitchen, she constantly thrives to connect to the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda whilst adapting this knowledge to the ever-changing times.

Eating right helps in balance, harmony, nourishment, good health and vitality. Cooking based on Ayurvedic principles not only nourishes the body but also nourishes the state of mind and consciousness.

Cooking is a Culinary Science where various food combinations and precise cooking methods are put in use which encompasses it into a holistic way of living. Find Sahana on Instagram @rasayanamysorekitchen



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