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Philip Xerri Pranayama

PHILIP XERRI – Creative Pranayama

Saturday 20th November 10.00 am UK | 11.00 am CET

2 hours | Recording Available

Having spent 40 years plus practicing and teaching Pranayama according to Tradition and Classical expression, Philip began to realise that it is possible to be ‘creative’ with certain practices in ways that add extra layers of efficacy and meaning, without losing any of the original intentions of the practice.

He has also come to realise that this is a delicate balance to achieve. A deep understanding of the practices is needed before there is any attempt to change the prescribed way of practice. But, once assimilated and the ‘energetic intentions’ of a practice are deeply felt, amazing possibilities present themselves.

In this workshop we will explore 3 ways of achieving this:

 i/ Sequencing.  Progressive Flow Pranayama

Practicing a particular Pranayama through its various levels leading towards the peak practice,  and then moving into a more meditative state focussed on the intention of the Pranayama.

This will section will take the form of a 45 minute session focussed on Nadi Shodanah. We will move through its various stages – Clearing, Preparing, Balancing, Attuning and Classical expression. Within the session, there will be relevant Asana and Kriya practices.

ii/ Combining –  using the particular energy generated by a Pranayama and combining it with that of another Pranayama whose energy is ‘complimentary’ in order to ‘amplify’ the intended effects.

iii/ Adding  –  something new to a Pranayama that uses the energy generated in a different way to that prescribed.

Philip Xerri

Philip Xerri is one of the leading authorities on Pranayama in the UK. He originally trained with Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry 1981 and has been teaching Yoga & Pranayama for over 40 years.

He devised and produced the Pranayama Foundation Course which runs as a Pranayama Module for the British Wheel of Yoga. His teaching is the culmination of decades of experience, practice, research of Pranayama and is clear, concise and practical.

You can find more about Philip on his website Yoga Quests

Cost €30 approx £25 | $36


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