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Mark Robberds handstands in primary series

MARK ROBBERDS – Primary Series with Handstand Focus

Saturday 21st August | 9.00am UK | 1.30pm India | 4.00 pm Bali | 6pm Sydney

2 hours | 14 day replay

Mark Robberds returns to Keen on Yoga by popular demand. This workshop will focus on handstands using the primary series of Ashtanga yoga.

We all know Yoga is not about the handstand, but they sure are fun and playing with them is a great way to stay motivated to get on the mat. The Ashtanga Primary Series provides a brilliant template for integrating handstands into your practice.

You will learn: Essential handstand techniques and how to apply them

You will get: Stronger, more flexible and develop the confidence to go upside down safely. 

You don’t need: To already be able to do a handstand – everything is scaleable and all modifications will be shown. 

Mark has been a devoted student of yoga since 1997, and has been fortunate enough to learn from many of the world’s great masters. In 2010 he became one of the few students worldwide to be Certified in the Ashtanga Method.

Forever a student, he has been expanding his knowledge and skill set since 2014 when he began learning from Ido Portal, which he still continues to this day. He has also been the student of handbalancing masters Miguel Sant’ana and Yuval Ayalon since 2015.

In his teaching he attempts to integrate his own experience with the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition, the modern day movement approach and latest evidence based science, as a way to help each individual reach their own full potential.

Cost €30 (approx £25 | $36US)


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