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Marque Garaux in kukutasana

MARQUE GARAUX – Turbo Boost Your Primary Series

Sunday 14th November | 11.00 am EST | 4.00 pm UK | 5.00 pm Paris

2 hours | 14 day replay (if you can’t attend live register to automatically receive the recording link)

Join Marque Garaux to Turbo Boost Your Primary Series. We will look at the primary series as a whole, to search out and identify the movements patterns and shapes that reoccur and gradually intensify through out the series.

The Primary Series is often referred to as just the primary. However, if we really understand the movement, vinyasa, demand, of this foundational series, we realise this is far from the case. Done to the fullest degree, the turbo-charged Primary is absolutely challenging for all practitioners. Marque will illustrate and help un-pack the bits that we might rather forget or gloss-over.

Once you’ve squeezed every bit of juice out of your Primary, the intermediate and even advanced will flow much more smoothly and sequentially. Therefore, instead of banging on the locked door of certain postures of the later series, in this workshop, we go back to find that the key we are looking for is always something overlooked in primary. Then, once we have found these keys, which we are hoping will be the case here, we can (fairly) effortlessly, unlock the door to later postures with comfort and ease – and, most importantly, without injury. 

This workshop will present different ways of looking at the some of the most challenging postures and vinyasas. Marque will offer some solutions on their approach. 

About Marque

Marque Garaux is a US Marine Veteran, long time rock climber and overall outdoor enthusiast. He discovered Ashtanga Yoga while seeking different ways to alleviate his lower back pain. After noticing an almost immediate physical change he began to see other positive changes happening in his life as well.

With no Ashtanga teachers in the area, he found himself with no choice but to get up early and practice on his own before work everyday. During this time Marque completed a 200 teacher training. In addition he attended several Ashtanga workshops and intensives to deepen his understanding of this beautiful system.

In the fall of 2014 Marque decided to follow in the footsteps of the teachers that he most respected spent 2 months in Mysore, India learning under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois. He has practiced with Sharath during multipe US tours and has also returned to India each year since and has practiced with both Sharath and Saraswathi.

Marque received the blessing (Level 2 Authorization) from Sharath on December 12th, 2017 during his morning practice.
He is the owner of Great Lakes Ashtanga Yoga, where he runs a full Mysore program, teaches private lessons and hosts workshops. He, his wife and their adopted Indian street dog travel as often as possible to climb or to share yoga with others.

Cost €30 approx £25 | $36


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