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philip xerri pranayama course

PHILIP XERRI – 5-Week Live Online Pranayama Foundation Course

Still open to join with misses sessions available on recording. Email

Saturdays January 8th, 22nd,  February  19th,  March 5th &  April 2nd

10.00 am – 12.00pm UK 

We are delighted to have Philip teaching his renowned Pranayama Foundation Course with us live online. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the UK’s foremost pranayama teachers over 5 sessions from the comfort of your own setting.

Pranayama is the quintessential energy practice of Yoga. It is a process that moves through various stages of development towards its ‘final’ expression in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. These stages, and especially the beginning and middle ones, are often overlooked or given a cursory nod. It is equivalent to missing out on learning the scales before attempting to play the tunes! The tunes may be learned, but without the initial training there is no understanding of what is going on underneath! And so it is with Pranayama, the early and middle stages need to be assimilated so that understanding, and efficacy of later practice can be enhanced.

 This series of workshops will go through 5 Phases of practice. Each Phase leading into the next in a structured, progressive, and logical way that can be easily assimilated without losing any of the power and poignancy of sustained Pranayama practice.

Each workshop will include: the main Pranayama of the Phase; associated kriya and/or Mudra; related Asana and Breath based relaxation practices.

Workshop 1: Foundations

This is the abc of breathing, learning the scales before playing the tunes. We will cover:

  • Sectional Breathing and the Mahat Yoga Pranayama
  • Prana Mudras
  • Kaya Kriya
  • Asana and movement sequences related to Sectional Breathing.
 Workshop 2: Foundations and Developmental

 Use of Rhythms – Holistic Development. We will cover:

  • Sukha Purvakha Pranayama – Balanced Breathing
  • Savitri Pranayama
  • Surya Pranayama Mudra
  • Dynamic Asana sequences aimed at maximising flexibility and capacity of the breathing mechanism – ‘we have ways of making you breathe!’
 Workshop 3:  Alignment – Harmonisation of the Pancha Kosha.

Rhythm based Pranayama combined with directed movement of the two main subtle energies – Prana and Apana.

Purification: introduction to Nadi Shodanah, first two stages; Clearing and Balancing.

Workshop 4: Purification: bringing into balance Surya and Chandra Nadi

Introduction of Jalandhara and Mula Bandha and how they are used in Pranayama; Nadi Shodanah, classical practice and extensions.

Workshop 5: Four of the Classical Pranayamas as they appear in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika:

 ‘Follow up’ practices to Nadi Shodanah – Ujjayi, basic and Classical practice, and Surya Bhedana,

 Sitkari and Sheetali Pranayamas and variations.

You will also have the opportunity to sign up for two further ‘one off’ workshops on the other Classical Pranayamas to follow: Kapalabhati and Bhastrika; Bhramari, and work with the Chakras; Murccha and Plavini. Details to follow.

About Philip Xerri

Philip Xerri was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1948. He was an accomplished athlete and rugby player in his youth. He became a ‘wanderer’ in his 20’s and then aged 28 walked into a yoga class run by Philip Jones in Cardiff. This was a major turning point. Since this time Philip has continually practiced and taught Yoga and Pranayama throughout the UK and Europe. He founded Yoga Quests in 1986.

Philip studied yoga and Pranayama with Dr. Swami Gitananda in India 1980/1981, graduated with an honours degree in Comparative Religion 1984 and a Post Graduate Certficate of Education in Religious Studies 1985. Philip has experienced many different schools of Yoga, qualified in Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Touch for Health.

The main focus of Philip’s Yoga practice has always been Pranayama culminating in the formulation of his Pranayama Foundation Course in 2000. The course encapsulates Philip’s two fold approach to the practice of Pranayama – structured, progressive, developmental, logical, but also, holding firmly onto the power and spiritual poignancy of the practice.

Philip has also written Manuals on How To Teach Pranayama, a short fictional novel based in India entitled  “Seek And You Will Not Find” and has also produced a CD of Yogic Poetry and Stories which aim to portray various ‘spiritual’ concepts in new and different ways – often with a humorous twist! He is a much loved teacher and a wonderful man.

If you can’t make all sessions live Philip will be available throughout the Course via Email or via zoom to answer any questions and/or go over any of the practices.

Cost €90 approx £77 | US$105


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