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Shakti Shala


9.00 am – 3.00 pm at Shakti Shala

We are delighted to announce Adam’s first workshop in Marseille is taking place at Shakti Shala. This one day workshop is an introduction to Adam’s teaching style and is open to all practitioners all levels. Details are below as is the link to the studio website and booking links. We look forward to meeting you there.

9am to 11am: Led Ashtanga Primary Class

This class will be an instructed primary series guided class.  Adam will instruct and demonstrate the postures giving an overview of the basic principles of technique. He will include alternatives for postures where necessary. It is open to all levels and styles of practice.

He will share the fundamentals common to all styles of yoga & how the use of breathing and bandha in relation to asana minimises injury whilst most effectively inspiring progress.

1.00pm to 3.00pm: Essential Foundations of Yoga Asana For Everyone

Building on the mornings led class we will consider together the fundamentals of the yoga-stretch. These remain the same regardless of what style you regularly practice, so can be incorporated into everyone’s practices.

The safe and effective way of approaching the postures is to develop opposing forces within the body – a kind of pulling together, rather than the over-stretching and pushing that is now prevalent in the yoga world. In this discussion, we will also be led back to the fundamental principle of diaphragmatic-breathing and how this is actually the aim of the idea of bandha. A term we often hear but is very little explained.

The workshop is for all levels and styles of practice. It won’t be difficult physically, maybe more mentally stimulating as we look clearly and simply at the basic mechanics of yoga-asana together.

Cost: Shakti Shala Members: €40 / Non-memebers €45

The workshop is held at Shakti Shala, 8 bd André Aune 13006 Marseille, 06 63 11 75 42


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