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SHANNA SMALL – Making Yoga Accessible and Inclusive

Saturday 23rd October | 9.00 am EST | 2.00 pm UK

2 hours | 14 day replay

We are delighted to be hosting Shanna Small for the first time at Keen on Yoga. Shanna will give an overview of how yoga can and should be accessible and inclusive for all students no matter what their ability. The workshop is suitable for all levels of student and for teachers who are looking to ensure they are opening up the yoga practice to make everyone feel welcome whilst protecting students’ autonomy of self-definition.

This will be on the physical level and Shanna will look at hypermobility and how it shows up in yoga, as well as making poses accessible and how to creatively teach. Language will also be considered regarding cueing so as to be inclusive to all. Shanna will also look at agency and how to give power back to the individual.

She will also cover how trauma responses show up in the class room, and how to relate yoga outwards; towards collective community care and our responsibility to those around us.

Shanna Small is a writer and Yoga teacher who speaks to the intersectionality of Yoga and social justice.  She has practiced Ashtanga Yoga and studied the Yoga Sutras since 2001 and has studied Ashtanga with Sharath Jois as well as the Yoga Sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika with Laksmish in Mysore.

Shanna finds joy in making the Ashtanga practice accessible for all and has studied with Amber Karnes and Dianne Bondy. She is Yoga For All certified and is a regular contributor for Yoga International, OmStars and the Ashtanga Dispatch.    She teaches diversity and inclusivity, Yoga Sutras as well as accessibility trainings and workshops. She is a founding member of Yoga For Recovery Foundation, a non-profit that helps those recovering from addiction, trauma and systemic oppression.  Shanna is also certified in the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method.

Cost €30 approx £25 | $36


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