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Saturday 12th February, 2022 | 9.00 am UK | 10.00 am CET | 8.00 pm Sydney | 2 hours

Recording available for 14 days (if you can’t attend live register to automatically receive the recording link)

In this yoga for wellness workshop, Simon will bring his 40 years as a movement therapist and professional physiotherapist. Strange as it sounds, the way we practice yoga can sometimes end-up doing us more harm than good.

Ever wondered why you’re more tense and nervous after practice? You’ve geared up your sympathetic nervous system into a ‘fight or flight’ response through over-practice! Come and find a way to get a good practice, but one that leaves you calm and centred. One that is sustainable, more comfortable and injury free with this teacher of teachers and general polymath of the movement world.

Sustainable and long term health, we are beginning to hear, is not about pushing ourselves to the max. Rather, it’s about self-care; actually looking after ourselves instead. This does not mean doing nothing at all.

When you are practicing yoga for wellness the key lies in balance. To which end, by moving and breathing in the correct way we actually get the results we want. The aim is comfort and ease in our bodies throughout our daily lives. This is as opposed to this tendency to almost treat moving our bodies as punishing them.

Instead of going for the burn, looking for the obvious workout; Simons will teach that moving through breath (correct use of diaphragmatic breath) in a much more therapeutic way. This keeps the body strong and supple, moreover, the emotions and the mind. Simon is a walking testament to working effectively being now in his 60’s

Learn how to maintain a functional body while also nourishing the immune system and making blood flow to keep you warm while keeping heart rate and stress levels low.

About Simon

Simon has been studying traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing and mental control for more than 50 years. He has worked as a research-based scientist, exercise-based physiotherapist and a university lecturer in several science fields. His passion for these subjects has led him to understand that the world is a very connected place. He believes that to make the world a better place people should treat each other, all life and the Earth itself in a way that acknowledges the connections between everything. He believes the best way of beginning this practise is to acknowledge and enhance the connections within yourself.

In his teaching, Simon shows safe, accessible and effective ways of developing practices which can give you the essence of being in connection, or being in the zone or the flow state, as some athletes might say. This state is equivalent to the meditative state that is meant to be part of the traditional yoga but is often lost in modern yoga.

Simon thanks his brilliant traditional teachers from Tibet, Japan India, and China and my amazing teachers from the Western scientific world.

Listen to Simon’s Keen on Yoga Podcast.

Cost €30 approx £25 | $36


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