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ADAM KEEN – Steady Strength

Saturday 11th September | 9.00 am EST | 2.00 pm UK

90 mins | 14 day replay

The advanced series in Ashtanga yoga is called stira bhaga, ‘steady strength’. It’s always caught my attention as a description; what does it really mean? This workshop will not be on the advanced series. However, it will look at the principles of consistent arm-balancing that lends the name to this series.

Principally, this is best explained through our old favourite – the jump back and jump through.

So, the bulk of this workshop will be using these movements to look at the most fundamental principle in any physical-modality – scapula mobility. For, it is not muscular strength per se, rather a skilful use of the arms and shoulders whereby all the muslces of the back are used, that results in the possession of this steady strength.

Otherwise, all we have to utilise are the muscles of the biceps, deltoids and shoulder ligaments, which often results in injury to the shoulders, but, if not; certainly tiring these muscles as well as tightening them.

Finally then, through a focus on the practical movement of the jump-back, we will not only find the key to mastering this movement, but, also, manage to make contact with the lesser used side body muscles (serratus, lattimus dorsi), that will unlock a hidden strength in the body we all possess in theory, already.

Adam completed the advanced series in Mysore with Sharathji and has been teaching for over 20 years. His love of philosophy shines through in all he does.

This workshop was originally held on 7th August, but due to technical issues Adam is doing the workshop again for the original attendees and new students that would like to join.

Cost €20 (approx £17 | $24)


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