"Finally, your classes online Adam are such a treat! To practice in the comfort of your own home with need to dash out early mornings... and your tone, that is soothing yet directive enough, as well as your vocal adjustments that are so accurate... renders the experience tremendously helpful! THANK YOU for holding space for all."
Jo, Switzerland
"Feel like I have got my practice back together, having fun with it. Practicing with Adam is helping to find my breath, and look at my practice in a different way. Definitely feel stronger on and off the mat for it. Love the humour , tips, and non dogmatic approach.."
Caro, UK
"I feel supported and accompanied during my practice. my practice has become very natural and less mandatory in my own mind. I cherish this international zoom practice!!!"
Veronique, Qatar
"Mysore anchors my day and my physical practice has improved over Zoom! Love the contact with the yoga community. Committing to class helps me keep practicing. I feel connected to my fellow practitioners. Direct feedback from Adam is invaluable as is listening to his feedback to others. "
helen, london
"It feels like I have a sort of connection to a tribe where I belong and gives me energy and inspiration for my own practice. I always practice alone, so it’s a sense of companionship and very useful to learn about others' experiences."
Lotte, Sweden
"Keen on Yoga has helped strengthen my self-practice, build my confidence in what I am doing and signpost me to the wider world of Ashtanga - through the workshops and podcast. Thank you for the soft approach/humour with which you offer it!"
Melia, UK
"Online Mysore has created the feeling of being with others and interaction with a teacher. A sense of community. Not being alone. Some new insight and perspective to my practice and being."
Lucia, Italy
"A regular teacher that also allowed me to fit practice around my young family and family commitments. I have really found it difficult to take time for myself previously due to childcare and the online classes have been so beneficial."
Sarah M, UK
"Thank you Keen on Yoga! You are making our world smaller... from Istanbul to France to London! Thank you! "
Eleonora, Istanbul
"It’s been really interesting to practice without physical adjustments from a teacher & ultimately very beneficial for me. Realised that I could do more than I thought without physical help. Feels like a more sustainable way to practice for me. "
Laura M
"This online method allows for more regularity with other commitments and without adjustments you progress in line with your body's ability."
Jeremey, London
"It was a great opportunity for me to study with Adam. He is very patiently giving me the basis for building a quality practice. I learned that if something interests you, you will find a way to organize yourself. "
Giovanni, Sicily
"Great to have support from an ashtanga community and a teacher who keeps an eye on my practice. Keen on Yoga is the best thing to happen from lockdown. I feel stability and happiness. And I like to step on my mat right out of my bed without driving to a shala 50 km away:)"
Hilde, Germany
"Really great to practice at home as I do not have any studio around me. I did practice Ashtanga before but never achieved beyond half primary- but now I can do full primary! I am actually more relaxed and able to challenge myself at home. "
Dee, Ireland
"Thank you for being there 6 days a week, supporting, explaining and helping to find space from the inside out."
Marie M, Germany
"It helped a lot. I felt so welcome as if Adam had always been my teacher. The guidance was very effective and welcoming. Company and support with my ashtanga practise. Motivation and having other people around me."
Ruth N,
"I cannot thank you enough for making the workshops available as a video rental, that is so cool. I neither have much money or time, so things like this just make me happy. "
Monika D, Germany
"Keen on Yoga helps with my flagging motivation in home practice. Kicked my practice out of the doldrums, and this had a hugely beneficial effect in wading through and burning off a bunch of emotional sludge."
Janet B, USA
"The online teaching is perfect for me, I am now able to practice regularly with a group and teacher, because I have no shala in my town. It fits perfectly with my working times. Adam supports us in our practice and he is always there for us with his huge experience!!"
Nina S, UK
"Because of travel and time limitations, I would never have been able to attend classes from any of the teachers with whom I was able to take workshops through Keen on Yoga"
Cathy D, USA
"I started with the intention of having an ashtanga daily practice with a teacher that is precise but not dogmatic, and in which the teacher is passionate about his own practice. The first benefits have been better sleep, more energy, better routine with food in general and a sense of more satisfaction with life."
Monia M
"Of all the teachers I have worked with Adam was the one that was there for me when I was really in a practice crisis"
Valerie, Thailand
"Adam respects our diverse capabilities and tells us to work within our own scopes. He encourages us to go deeper into each asana and to sharpen the edges. Each part of the pose matters. We begin to pay more attention and come away fulfilled .
Lisa R, Florence
"I realised I had missed practicing in a community & you really get a sense of this even virtually! Adam’s teaching is great & he has definitely motivated me to progress further than I ever would have left to my own devices. Adam's Mysore, I always feel like it's there as a stabling and grounding event in the day where everything else (in the world and my life) is in flux!"
Vicky M, UK
"I cannot put into words how much I have learned from Keen on Yoga. It gives me a wonderful daily space to practice. Adam instructions and advice towards the asana practice help me every day to go deeper but also to be soft and patient."
Juliana J,
"The Ashtanga method blew my mind because for the first time I felt that the practice was really mine, I was able to practice independently while seeing rapid progress in my body (and also in my mind and heart). I wanted to ground my practice, and to make a commitment to it. I wanted to learn how to develop a yoga asana practice for the rest of my life.'
Mark, New York