Yoga Charity Event

Ashtanga Fundraiser For Trauma Relief

Saturday 11th Dec, 7.00am – 8.45am EST | Noon – 1.45pm UK | 13.00 – 14.45 CET

Instructed Primary Series Class

Join Adam for this Ashtanga Yoga Fundraiser where 100% of donations support Three And A Half Acres Yoga. This is his unique instructed led class where he also demonstrates the postures. You will be counted through with adaptations suggested where necessary and you can follow at your own pace.  It will cover roughly 2/3rd of the Primary Series. 

The uniqueness of this class comes from Adam guiding it, not only with physical explanations but very carefully crafted cues in order that each person may really understand for themselves the efficient work they may do in each asana. The perspective Adam teaches from he calls the inner stretch, or the hidden face of yoga asana. Whilst keeping traditional to Mysore, this understanding produces incredible results, strengthening and stabilising the body whilst avoiding hypermobility.

About Three And A Half Acres Yoga

@threeandahalfacresyoga is a nonprofit which broadens access to yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques for trauma survivors. They do this through partnering with other nonprofits and organizations which serve folks in five categories: domestic abuse, recovery, housing/food insecurity, lgbtq+, and justice. To keep these partnerships safe and reduce harm they train yoga teachers in trauma sensitivity, something they believe is necessary for any yoga teacher.

All level donations will give you access to a whole month of yoga classes and workshops. Every year over 15,000 individuals graduate from a yoga teacher training program and go out into the world eager to bring the immense benefits of yoga to others. This beautifully healing and profound work touches the student at the nervous system level, impacting their breath, body, emotions, and reactions, often in largely positive and even life-changing ways.

At the same time, we know that 70% of the population has been affected by trauma in the US alone. Trauma survivors are in every room and their needs and reactions are different from other students. It’s of the utmost importance that we are giving yoga teachers the tools they need to avoid harm and re-triggering, as vulnerable practitioners enter their space. This is at the root of our work and the mission of @ThreeandaHalfAcresYoga


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