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ashtanga workshop istanbul


Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April at YogaSala Istanbul

Adam is delighted to be returning to Istanbul for this Ashtanga workshop, 2 years delayed we are looking forward to seeing old and new students.

April 23rd & 24th 8:00-10:00: Mysore Sessions

There are ways to adjust and be adjusted that are safe, effective and non-intrusive. Using energetic pointers and resistance-cues Adam adjusts carefully and respectfully of each individual and their current ability.

Everyone will be included in this class. Not just the ones that can do it, or those that need extra help. Adam is also open to each person practicing in the style and up to the point they are used to; believing the teaching is not about stopping, rather safe, clear and practical encouragement.


Adam refers to his approach to the postures as the “inner stretch” this is the very heart of his teaching.
It comes from his personal exploration of practice and realizing the way to work in the asana differs from simply making the shapes. This work is found through the use of opposing forces in the body, or right tension.

We looking for quality in the postures. This feeling of balance is referred to in the Bhagavad Gita as ‘yoga is equanimity’. Knowing this technique which can be applied to each posture will make your daily practice more interesting and satisfying no matter what your level.

You will learn to avoid overstretching and how to mobilize your muscles instead of destabilizing them.
This will unlock areas to enable you to move forward in the more advanced postures safely and effectively.


The workshop builds to the most comfortable, even enjoyable backbend you have ever done. Backbends don’t have to be frightening, painful, even challenging. It’s all a question of how we can approach them.

There is no reason to dread them when you understand how to do them in the right way and right for your body.

There are certain keys to effective backbends that are often left unexplored. These might be summarized as:

• The medial stretch and the importance of pulling across
• The use of the legs, backbends are really front stretches, so everything actually depends on
stretching the legs
• The utilization of the breathing so we can float on the current of the breath.
Beginners to advanced students will appreciate this workshop. There is no such thing as a bad back-
bender. Rather, there is only someone who hasn’t explored and developed the possibilities available in them own (everybody’s) body.


Single Mysore Session Fee 140 TL

Single Workshop Fee 480 TL

Language of the workshop is English without translation.

VENUE: YogaŞala Nisantasi and Online via ZOOM


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